Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#OldNavy Active Wear Sample and share! #Crowdtap

It's true, I am addicted to Old Navy...really. I love it. I feel like most of my clothes are Old Navy. So, I am always excited when I get the chance to score some FREE ON clothing AND to get something free for a friend too!

In case you have not read my previous posts about this, let me explain: I have been a member of Crowdtap (which is a place you get to share your opinions and sometimes even get to sample awesome items) for quite a while now. I love all the different things I get to discuss, review and try out through them. My favorite things though are always the Old Navy sample and share programs. If chosen, you get a coupon for a free item for yourself and a free item for a friend. I have been lucky enough to do quite a few sample and share projects. I reviewed Old Navy JeansOld Navy Outerwear/coats, Old Navy Shorts, Old Navy Dresses, Old Navy Active Wear and Old Navy Perfect Tees. This time I got the opportunity to once again try out the NEW Old Navy Active Wear (I think maybe someone is trying to tell me I should be more active...Touche.) :)

I was about to visit a friend in Cali when I got the coupons, so I gave one to her and I kept mine to redeem when I returned from vaca. I loved, LOVED checking out all the new activewear! SO cute! There were a number of things I loved! Now, I was in Arizona shopping, so a lot of the activewear is geared toward a hot climate. Which is great, but keep in mind, I am about to move to a significantly cooler I was looking for the warmer options! Here are some of the wonderful items I tried on (and LOVED). (Please excuse my poor picture taking, my CRAZY hair, and my daughter in a few shots!)

This is a tank and jacket with the pants on the bottom with the matching pink stripe.
The next pic is the same top (I am showing you it is a tank), but I changed pants to a gray one with yellow stripe.

Same color shirt, but this one is with sleeves, and I am wearing these really cool bottoms. Check out the close up of the pants down a little further.
 I usually try to avoid posting thigh shots, but check out the pattern on these bottoms. Really funky and interesting! 
 I fell in love with the graphic shirts. LOVE the sayings! This one says Be You Tiful. LOVE it. I will probably go back and buy this shirt! It was in my top 3. HARD to leave it at the store...
 I am a HUGE fan of the ON Active wear jackets, and since I am moving to a colder climate, I tried on a few (they were clearance active wear). I love this gray jacket, but as my hubby pointed out, I own one almost exactly the same...
If you have read my previous Old Navy Active Wear post, you know that I am probably the biggest fan in the world of the thumb hole...

 Another graphic tee active wear shirt. Love it!! Pretty Awe Some! :)  (The bottoms have a blue semi-matching stripe.)
 Close up.
 Love this shirt and pant...

In the end it was really REALLY hard for me to choose what to get. So I did something rare for me, and I bought an additional item! This is the outfit I bought:

 This is the free stuff-the shirt and pants.
 I also bought the clearance pink jacket that matches the bottom of the pants! LOVE!
And of course they have my favorite thumb hole in the jacket!

The shirt and pants were free with my coupon, and the jacket was on clearance for less than $11. (Have I mentioned I LOVE Old Navy clearance!!!!!)

BTW, my friend told me that she got "the cutest black striped workout pants and black running pull over jacket." So glad she was able to get her awesome Old Navy Active wear as well!!

I love Old Navy clothes! LOVE them and I am so grateful for the opportunity to try them out for free! Thank you CrowdTap and Old Navy!

If you also want the chance to become a Crowd Tapper so you can apply for future sampling events, please join through my referral link here and we can start tappin together! :)

***By way of Disclosure, I was given a coupon for me to get a free ON outfit, as well as a free coupon for a friend. Thanks CrowdTap and Old Navy for this fun experience and these free outfits for me and my friend!!***



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